Where is William McQuain?

The little Germantown boy has been missing for nearly two weeks. His mother was murdered — allegedly by her estranged husband, Curtis Lopez, who has been arrested.

William McQuain (AP)

This is the saddest Web site in the world.

There are Luis and Mariel Encarnacion, so adorable, missing since this past Sept. 11. Authorities believe their father is responsible.

There’s Lisa Irwin, just 11 months old. “She was last known to be wearing purple pants and a purple shirt with kittens on it,” the Web site says.

There’s sweet-looking Jhada Clarke, missing too. Authorities think she’s with her father.

The list goes on. And on.

There is no more crushing story for a reporter to write than that of a missing child. My colleague Dan Morse has worked tirelessly on this story. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children works tirelessly too. As members of this community, so should we.

You can hang pictures of missing children at work.

You canreceive e-mail alerts about missing children.

You can volunteer.

You can put a missing kids link on your Web site.

You can do something.