(Washington Post photo)

The following sentence will enrage speed camera haters and possibly even speed camera admirers:

A Baltimore speed camera nabbed a Mazda for going 38 mph even though the Mazda was going 0 mph, which is to say that it was perfectly still, by which I mean IT WAS NOT EVEN MOVING.

The Baltimore Sun reports all the bizarre details Friday morning, including that a city police officer validated the ticket “even though a video clip from the camera and two time-stamped photos given as evidence clearly show the car stopped at a red light,” the paper said.

This is apparently not the first hiccup with a speed camera in Baltimore. The Sun has been investigating the cameras for months and has recently found seven “erroneous” tickets issued.

The city’s speed camera contractor is Xerox State and Local Solutions, whose spokesman called the camera mishaps “rare and isolated.”

A city task force has been formed to examine the problems.

I’d suggest that its members not speed on their way to meetings because it would be pathetic to get a speed camera ticket on the way to a speed camera meeting, but it seems like in Baltimore it doesn’t matter if you are speeding or not.

You can read more here and see pictures and video of the non-moving Mazda. The brake lights are on.