You are addicted to Diet Coke. You need one before leaving the house in the morning. You need one at lunch. You need one in the late afternoon, as a pick-me-up. You need Diet Coke in Europe, on holiday. You need it Utah, while skiing. And you need it Ocean City, at the beach.

But, slight problem: Up until now, you were unlikely to find Diet Coke in plentiful supply in Ocean City. It has officially been a Pepsi town. Diet Pepsi is okay, in an extreme emergency perhaps, but it’s not Diet Coke.

Well, now you will be happy, content, and at peace with our highly caffeinated world after you read this bit of news: Ocean City just signed a five-year deal with Coca-Cola to be the beach resort’s official drink. Coke products will be solely featured at town properties and at town events.

This is not just mind-blowing news for Diet Coke addicts like you (and me). It’s good for the town’s coffers: Coca-Cola will pay Ocean City about $65,000 annually, as well as cough up commission on product sales.

You are happy now, right? Or are you Diet Pepsi addict?

Excuse me while I go pop my second Diet Coke of the day to celebrate.