The other day I was idling at a red light near my house when, for the 653rd time this year, I looked up my from cell phone (shhh!) and saw a sign on a pole promising that I could get rich working at home. Or wait, maybe it was about losing weight.

Anyway, all I had to do was call the number listed.

A road without weight loss signs. So peaceful. (Dan Walden/AP)

Dear street sign spammers: Meet the spam folder, also known as the Maryland State Highway Administration.

Signs on Maryland roadways have been illegal for eons, but the legislature passed a law earlier this year that now allows state highway officials to fine violators 25 bucks per illegal sign. This should hopefully offset the $600,000 spent annually on road crews tearing these signs down.

A three-month warning period began this week. After that, the fines commence. Hopefully, then we can all get on with our lives and return to basics, such as being annoyed by rubberneckers.