Martin O’Malley, our governor, got a primetime speaking gig at the Democratic National Convention last night.

The early reviews are not good.

My colleague Chris Cillizza — he’s The Fix — put him in the loser category among winners and losers last night:

O’Malley came into his speech tonight with high expectations. He has made little secret of his interest in higher office and that he was given a 10 p.m. speaking slot suggests that the convention planners thought he would deliver. Those expectations turned out to be too high. O’Malley’s enthusiasm and passion came across as manufactured not organic and the crowd seemed ready to love him but wound up just sort of liking him.

The reviews on Twitter were even harsher, with many comparing our governor (negatively) with Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, who had delegates standing and cheering and crying.

What did you think of O’Malley’s performance? Let me know below.