Donald “Donnie” Cole III with one of his three lottery wins this summer. (Maryland State Lottery Agency)

This is, for my typing, the Quote of the Summer:

“I’m a pretty hairy guy, but have bald spots from people rubbing me for luck.”

Donald “Donnie” Cole III of Brookeville told the Gazette that after a summer spent winning the Maryland lottery THREE times.

“Everyone wants to know which direction I scratched, and how I chose the tickets,” he added.

His grand total in winnings this summer is $101,000 more than I won this summer in the lottery, which is to say he won $101,000, almost all on scratch-off tickets.

I should point out that Cole has two other quotes in contention for Quote of the Summer.

“It’s good being me” is one.

The other is about what he’ll do after giving some money to animal rescue organizations: “Other than that, I am going to buy a whole lot of stuff I don’t need, and will continue to reinvest.”

Congratulations, Mr. Cole — on being a great lottery player and an even better generator of delightful quotes.