Ah, memories. “Star Wars.” (20th Century-Fox Film Corporation — Associated Press)

Thomas G. Atkinson lives in Linthicum Heights. He is the sole proprietor of the Star Toys Museum, which is located in his house and features more than 13,000 “Star Wars” toys, action figures, plates, coasters, cups, cookie jars, knit hats, posters, games and at least one Darth Tater.

“I was just 13 years old when I saw ‘Star Wars,” Atkinson told CNS Maryland the other day in the video below. “I saw a world, a galaxy on screen that I wanted to go and live in.”

He acquired a T-shirt and a poster, and an obsession began.

“I don't think I set out to have an enormous collection of ‘Star Wars’ toys that would crowd me out of my house,” Atkinson said, “but there’s just so much cool stuff.”