Wanted: People who love oysters.

Why: To grow them.

Where: Creeks or rivers.

No, really, why: The state’s Marylanders Grows Oysters program, in its fifth year, is looking for citizens to grow oysters that are then planted in local oyster sanctuaries.

Chowdered roasted oysters. Yum. (Bill O'Leary/The Washington Post)

The circle of life benefit, according to the state: “The year-old oysters are collected and planted in a local oyster sanctuary, and a new group of young oysters is distributed to participating growers to start the process again.”

The feel good benefit, according to the state: “Citizen oyster growers enjoy the personal rewards of stewardship and learn about oysters while contributing to the enhancement of an oyster reef.”

What it takes: “Minimal care,” according to the state. Water. Also: Cages, provided free. Rinse cage every two weeks. Oysters!

Photos of happy oysters growers: Click here.

Can the oysters be eaten: Nope. They are to be planted in a sanctuary. Control yourselves.

How to apply: Click here.