Montgomery County police have released surveillance video from a Silver Spring 7-Eleven allegedly showing about 50 teens and young adults taking pretty much whatever they wanted without paying: snacks, drinks, you name it.

Lovely world we live in.

The group swooped in on the store, on Tech Road, around 11:30 p.m. on Saturday. In the videos, “customers” can be seen walking in and out of the store with snacks, bypassing the cash register to settle up on the charges.

A similar flash mob crime unfolded at a Germantown 7-Eleven in August, but police don’t think there is any connection — except, of course, brazen thefts caught on tape.

Police are asking anyone who recognizes individuals in the video to call them at 301-565-5835.

You can watch below. Some of the people in the video may not be connected with the alleged crime.