As many as 25 Montgomery County principals have followed the lead of their boss and joined Twitter. (Reuters)

Starr is up to nearly 1,500 followers. That’s more than me.

The other day, I read a WTOP story noting that as many as 25 principals had followed their boss onto Twitter, so I decided to take a deep digital dive into their tweets to see what they are telling the world in 140-count bursts.

I won’t lie: I was hoping to find some ill-advised tweets, perhaps sent after a second glass of wine on the weekend. I did not.

What I found was rather fascinating. The principals are using Twitter to give their followers — presumably parents, students and teachers — a real-time peak into their working lives: what reading material they found interesting, which teachers are doing innovative things in classrooms. The tweeters even display a good bit of school spirit.

Twitter is an interesting technological outlet for the principals, allowing them an unfiltered way to communicate insights into how they manage, what makes them tick and what tactics might be useful to adapt elsewhere.

This seems like a positive development in the use of new technology. It is certainly more useful (but less fun) than lobbing angry digital birds at digital pigs.

Below are some recent tweets from various Montgomery principals.

Greg Edmundson, principal at Great Seneca Creek Elementary school, offered a tweet linking to a photo of a band playing for students:

Kingsview MS Band played for our 5th graders this morning... So talented!…

— Greg Edmundson (@thecreekprin) December 2, 2011

Marc Cohen, principal at Seneca Valley High School, tweeted that he had just read an interesting article about time spent educating students:

Very interesting read. “It’s Time to Rethink the Hours America Spends Educating via @edutopia

— Marc Cohen (@marcjcohen) December 30, 2011

Kingsview Middle School principal Elizabeth Thomas tweeted something that would have caused me to sit up straight if I were a parent of a student there:

Interim grades are showing mixed results. It’s a busy time of year so make a plan to stay ahead! Semester exams are 2 weeks after the break

— Principal Thomas (@Kingsviewms) December 17, 2011

John D. Ewald, principal of College Gardens Elementary School, tweeted a link to a fascinating photo of a teacher’s bulletin board:

Mrs. Johnson’s well organized IB PYP Bulletin Board.Student questions aligned to our Key Concepts.

— John D. Ewald (@PrincipalEwald) December 21, 2011

And Renay Johnson, Montgomery Blair High School principal, tweeted this SAT word of the day:

SAT Word of the Day: Enthrall - to captivate or charm: a performer whose grace, skill, and virtuosity enthrall her audiences.

— Renay Johnson (@blairprincipal) January 6, 2012

Go do something enthralling with your day.