Brittany Norwood, convicted Wednesday night of first-degree murder in the brutal killing of Jayna Murray, faces life in prison -- with or without the possibility of parole -- when she is sentenced in January.

She will do that time in Jessup, at Maryland’s only women’s prison. Formal name: Maryland Correctional Institution for Women. It is known inside as simply, MCIW.

Special services for inmates include: degree programs from Anne Arundel Community College, religious services, an annual fall revival, and financial literacy classes. The prison allows certain inmates to raise puppies. Last year, a Wiccan group was formed.

Norwood (Courtesy of Montgomery County Police)

The prison is 72 years old. There were about 820 inmates in 2010, according to state prison documents. It costs roughly $36 million a year to operate.

The library is open Monday through Friday from 9:15 a.m. to 2:45 p.m.

Perhaps the prison’s greatest asset is its flag-making program. WBAL in Baltimore recently reported that MCIW inmates have been sewing U.S. and Maryland state flags for nearly seven decades. The Baltimore Sun says inmates sew 700 flags a year. Their salary: $1.25 to $3.85 an hour.

Here is a video below from WBAL detailing the sewing program. This is how Norwood could be spending a lot of her time in the future.


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