It’s that time of year in the Post newsroom, when sugary confections in the form of brightly colored rabbits and chicks absorb our attention. Peeps season has arrived.

The winner of our sixth annual Peeps Diorama contest was revealed Wednesday, and though a newsy Occupeep DC diarama took the first prize, a flood of Peepa Middletons, royal Peep Couples, Kate Middlepeeps and Peep princes flooded the entry field.

Guidelines for judging became pretty clear for Style writer Katherine Boyle and the Post panel. While there isn’t a scientific points or ranking system in the judging process, they knew what would set the best apart from the rest.

View Photo Gallery: Presenting the winner of our sixth annual Peeps Diorama Contest, along with the other four finalists and a few dozen of our favorites.

1. There must be hats. Namely, the swirly, circled fascinator worn by Princess Beatrice (or ‘Peepatrice’ for this occassion) that left viewers in a state of confusion for weeks. The better the hats, the more proverbial points.

2. There must be a tailored bridesmaid dress on Pippa, or Peepa. Bonus points for button details.

3. Extra bonus points for including the sour-faced flower girl that kept the world laughing with her priceless expressions on the balcony during photo ops.

“Just Peep’d” diorama (Deb Lindsey/FOR THE WASHINGTON POST)

Mother-daughter duo Susan and Isabel Arnold mastered these three elements, with detailed outfits and playfully drawn Westminster Abbey in their “Just Peep’d” diorama, which earned a spot in our top five.

Several other entrants caught our eyes as well, including another mother-daughter team that was also able to reconstruct the fashionable ensembles and attention-grabbing headware.

Kathleen J. Brahney, 66, Arlington, Va., and Rhiannon Hartman, 29, Williamsburg, Va., constructed ‘Royal Wedding at Peepminster Abbey,” together.

“My daughter, Rhiannon, and I joined millions of others last April in watching the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton,” Brahney said. “We thought that the event would make a wonderful Peeps diorama. Rhiannon fashioned the hats and outfits for the wedding party; I created the Peepminster Abbey setting.”

Royal Wedding at Peepminster Abbey (Kathleen J. Brahney/Kathleen J. Brahney)

Laura Cope, Lauren Brown and Meredith Kalnite also got our attention for their inclusion of Victoria Peepum and the royal Peep fanatics in their diorama, ‘Peepa Middleton t the Royal Wedding.’ Peepa’s dress was one of our favorites, too.

Peepa Middleton at the Royal Wedding. (Laura Cope, Lauren Brown and Meredith Kalnite/Laura Cope, Lauren Brown and Meredith Kalnite)

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