The Duchess of Cambridge, center, talks to Lloyd Robinson, right, and Marcia James as she visits a community center in Birmingham, England, on Aug. 19. (Geoff Pugh/AP)

The New York Post reported on Page Six that Wintour was urging photographer Mario Testino, a close friend of the royal family, to pass the request to Kate. Marino is famous for some iconic photographs of Princess Diana and for having shots in nearly every September issue this year (Vogue US, UK, Paris, Vanity Fair, V, Allure . . .).

However, People dispelled the rumor after the official “never gonna happen” decree from the palace. Alas, Kate watchers are simply left to dream of what a shoot with Testino (or a racey segment with Annie Leibovitz) would yield. New York magazine took out some of the guesswork, mocking up a dream cover of Kate on Vogue.

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