Journalists snapped some historic photos at Buckingham Palace Tuesday night. No, there were no baby bump shots or glimpses of hair extensions.

Rather, the pictures, taken at a media event for Queen Elizabeth II’s upcoming Diamond Jubilee, show a few signs, snapped on smartphones, and tweeted. That might sound simplistic, but it helps to remember that this is likely the first time tweets captured the 250-year-old institution.

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The photos were part of the monarchy’s embrace of reporters and social media, namely Twitter, ahead of the 60th anniversary of the Queen’s reign. Members of the media were invited to the palace for a reception, which in addition to some schmoozing time, featured a “Tweet Suite,” where reporters could bust out their phones and post away.

The monarchy is not completely green to social media — they do have a Faceook account, Twitter handles and, recently, some interesting Storify stories — but it is a significant departure from the ban on cellphones in the palace. We can only begin to dream of what kinds of new-fangled communication methods will be encouraged when the jubilee kicks off in full this summer.

See tweets from reporters in attendance last night below.