The Internet and the fashion world are in sync: An ever increasing number of people want to know who made the dress royal bride-to-be Kate Middleton will wear when she walks up the aisle at Westminster Abbey next week.

The Post has an article summing up the interest in Britain and looking back at royal wedding dresses in history. (Gotta love that the royal wedding date, April 29, is now being called K-Day in Britain.)

The Daily Mail cites an unnamed royal aide today as saying that Kate herself is adamant that her prince will be the last person to see the dress. And the Daily Telegraph follows the suggestion that Sophie Cranston of Libelula — the maker of the black coat in which Kate ruffled fashion feathers in January — has been tapped, citing Cranston’s refusal to deny that she has the commission.

Yesterday the Mail speculated that Kate had designed her own wedding gown. Another Mail article this week, following on reporting by London’s Sunday Times, noted that the Middleton family could spend as much as 100,000 pounds (about $163,000) for their share of the wedding costs.

Whatever she wears next Friday — and the winner of The Post’s dress-design contest rooted for long sleeves — Kate should be ready to walk up the aisle: Last week she and Prince Harry, his brother’s best man, rehearsed at Westminster Abbey.