Will Kate Middleton become more like Diana, Princess of Wales, after marriage or chart her own path? ((Jon Super - Associated Press) and (AP Photo/Neil Munns))

Paparazzi had aggressively pursued the celebrity couple as they crashed, and Diana would forever be remembered as having a love/mostly-hate relationship with the press.

As Kate Middleton prepares to be the next princess of one of Europe’s oldest monarchies, millions of eyes are trained on her every move. Many wonder if her relationship with the press will be any better than Diana’s. and how much she will follow in Diana’s shoes or choose to chart her own path.

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What is Kate Middleton’s relationship with the press?

Kate hasn’t yet displayed the same anxiety over the press, though there have been hints that she could from her family. The Middleton family has spoken out through the Press Complaints Commission, telling photo agencies to exercise caution when photographing them. Middleton’s mother and sister have reportedly been hounded by agency photographers following them on mopeds, and gawkers following them on foot.

How has Kate followed Diana’s lead?

At the engagement, both Diana and Kate wore royal blue and clung to their prince. Both said they were daunted by the tasks that lay ahead of them.

Kate has chosen to drop the word “obey” from her wedding vows, instead pledging to “love, comfort, honor, and keep him.” Diana made a similar vow when she married Prince Charles in 1981.

Kate’s ring is the engagement ring that used to belong to Diana. The ring is an oval sapphire surrounded by diamonds. “All this was my way of keeping her close to it all,” William said.

What has Kate done differently?

While Kate has been praised for stylish fashion sense, she has not been as experimental as Diana was. Yet.

Diana often used fashion to send a message, such as the Christina Stambolian “vengeance dress” she wore for a gala dinner as Prince Charles gave an interview to media personality Jonathan Dimbelby. Diana loved to shock and experiment with clothes and accessories, including wearing an androgynous tuxedo with a black bow-tie, black polka-dot tights, and one red and one black glove.

Kate Middleton has been far more DIY. She loves a designer bargain, has no stylist, and likes to do her own makeup. She dresses more high street and prim than haute.

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