So, yesterday about a hundred of you confessed that you planned to watch Lifetime’s William and Kate “movie event,” planned to watch the “20/20” special on the royal wedding — or said that you thought Jerry Seinfeld called it and that the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton has become a “circus act.”

Here is an unscientific sample of comments from female Posties who watched: “Cheesy!” “Was that supposed to be Prince Charles?” “Really, we think William and Kate kissed over the garbage bag?” “The problems with this movie started with the typography in the opening credits.”

Even with the movie couched as “inspired by true events,” it was a little disturbing to see the story play so fast and loose with timelines: William’s out-of-Africa-themed birthday party, for example, took place at Windsor Castle in June 2003; showing his flatmates skiing shortly after made little sense. William and his father probably did have conversations about Diana and Camilla, but the one crammed in at the end of the film rang false. And when Kate was rowing on the River Thames in 2007, no one saw William at a practice — nor did it seem realistic that she would have dived into the water and swam to him.

The Barbara Walters reporting in “20/20” was a good sort of counterbalance to the not-exactly-true-to-life movie.