Pippa Middleton is no stranger to parties. Between managing an online magazine to promote her parents’ party planning business, to helping with the wedding reception this spring of her sister, Duchess Catherine of Cambridge, the royal-sister-in-law has had some valuable experience. At least the Penguin Group thinks so.

Michael Joseph, a division of the publishing house, has offered Pippa a reported 400,000 pounds (about $621,440) for a book about being the perfect party hostess. The book will reportedly be similar to the The Party Times blog, which features recipes, how-tos and gift ideas.

View Photo Gallery: Pippa Middleton, sister of Britain’s Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

Buzz about a potential deal — and a rumored bidding war between publishing companies — has been circulating for weeks and has spurred intense fodder from the British press.

The Guardian published a mock letter from Pippa to potential publishers last month, with biting references to her show-stealing backside at her sister’s wedding and the Nazi armband Prince Harry wore to a party in 2005.

The Daily Mail also lampooned Harry’s costume gaff in a satirical piece complete with several photos detailing Pippa’s “partying experience” — including a few questionable outfits and a DIY dress made of toilet paper.

In one of the more serious, and scathing, commentaries, the Daily Beast poses an earnest question: Who will purchase a book on frivolous social recommendations while the British government is in the midst of imposing severe austerity measures and the economy may be slipping back into recession?

But as we’ve been illustrating, Pippa mania seems to be unfettered by economic woes. Last week, the Alexander McQueen bridesmaid dress Pippa wore during the royal wedding went on sale through Net-a-Porter, and despite the $3,119.58 price tag, had already sold out in one size.

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