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While her sister Kate may reign supreme when it comes to setting fashion trends, Pippa Middleton is making a somewhat longer-lasting impact on pop culture. “Pippa” and the more formal “Philippa” are among the hottest new names of 2011, according to the baby name site nameberry.com. The Web site, which analyzed more than 23 million page views along with site searches, reported in a blog post today that “Pippa” is its No. 1 girl’s name so far this year. (“Kate” ranks further down the list.)

The popularity of the name could continue to skyrocket. Hollywood Reporter announced that TLC will air a royal bridesmaid-themed special on Aug. 9 called, “Crazy About Pippa.” Does that mean we can also expect more Pippa-themed edible art installations? We hope so.


A Pippa mosaic, in crumpets

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