Britain's Queen Elizabeth II smiles during her visit to the Manchester Central convention center, March 23. (Jon Super/AP)

The commoner couple sent the queen a letter inviting her to join the celebration after learning she would be be at Manchester town hall, their venue for the day, as part of her Diamond Jubilee tour.

The Manchester Evening News reports the couple was excited to receive a reply from the Palace, thanking them for the invitation. And were shocked then the Queen and Prince Phillip lined up after the ceremony to congratulate the newlyweds.

“I’m a big fan of the royal family. When we found out who the VIP was we wrote to her, a bit light-heartedly, and got a nice letter back from a lady in waiting. We didn’t expect anything further to come from it” the groom told the Evening News.

An amateur videographer caught the exchange, which made a great wedding gift for the couple, the bride said.

The queen has been traveling in honor of her Diamond Jubilee, marking her 60 years on the throne. Several British politicians have devised another idea for tribute to the long-serving monarch. Conservative MP Tobias Ellwood is leading the charge to officially name the clock tower at the Houses of Parliament for Queen Elizabeth. Known as St. Stephen’s Tower, the building does not have an official name, though the tower at the Palace of Westminster is named in honor of Queen Victoria, the only other royal to reign for 60 years.

"Of course, if it does go ahead it will mean that the next time a monarch reaches their 60th anniversary we’ll have to build another tower — but I don't suppose we’ll have to worry about that for a while," Ellwood jokingly told CNN. Jokesters have already proposed a new name for the tower: “Big Beth.”