Britain's Prince William and his wife, Kate, duchess of Cambridge, left, wave as they leave Westminster Abbey after their wedding in London on Friday. (Alastair Grant/AP)

For a few bright hours yesterday morning, the world took a break from the revolutions, the devastation, the all-around tough times to watch a young couple kiss. Not just once, but twice.

As the Post’s Hank Stuever writes:

“If you skipped the whole thing on principle and neverminded the bollocks and all that, then you truly missed out. You missed everyone… being totally quiet for an hour and just basking in it.”

The beauty of the Web, though, is that you can go back and bask in those kisses as long as you like.

Here in no particular order are the five best moments of the wedding of Prince William and Kate, now duchess of Cambridge, to relive:

1. The kisses. Of course, the kisses. Notice Prince William blushes far more than his bride. I like that in a man.

2. Sarah Burton, the designer for Alexander McQueen, may have had big shoes to fill after design rock star McQueen’s death, but her sumptuous wedding dress for Kate, which prompted Grace Kelly comparisons, have made her a bona fide star.

3. The cartwheeling clergyman. After the procession left the Abbey, one man let loose embodying the pure joie de vivre of the day. Score one for the Church of England.

4. The utterly inane and utterly wonderful media onslaught. Stuever breaks down the best hosts. Who won the top honor of moderating? It’ll surprise you.

5. The hats. Princess Beatrice stole the show with her loopy, gravity-defying bow, but the other head-toppers also managed to delight.

6. Oh, heck, one more: the whole glorious thing. Go read Ned Martel’s breakdown of the wedding minute-by-minute to experience it all over again. And then watch the couple kiss one more time.

Here’s the final word: Prince Harry, hurry up and marry! I’m ready for royal wedding Part 2!

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