Just a day after the launch of Prince William and Kate Middleton's official wedding Web site, the Guardian has two less-than-impressed reactions. One is a short criticism of the site for what it presents and what it fails to say:

"Throughout their engagement, Prince William and Catherine-the-artist-formerly-known-as-Kate have attempted to, if not quite split the difference, then at least have it halfway both ways: the formal and the informal portrait photos by Mario Testino; the designer dress at the announcement and the high street dress in the photos; long-term relationship but girlfriend still remaining as silent as a chattel.

Now we come to the next stage on the happy couple's path to the bliss of kinda modern marriage, the launch of their website, which is a little reading Hello! magazine on an iPad: the vessel is modern but the content is defiantly retro."

The other pans the trend of wedding Web sites in general, noting that "a dedicated portal for stoking the coals of hot anticipation of the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton is actually quite old-fashioned in internet terms" and that such sites "exemplify the lack of self-awareness that befalls many engaged couples: the failure to understand that most of us find it a struggle to maintain interest in other people's love stories unless they are going a bit wrong."

Meanwhile, the Mirror reports that the royal-wedding site drew more than 200,000 visits in the first eight hours.

As of Thursday morning, no new content appears to have been added to the site.