Prince William and Kate Middleton were out today on their last official public appearance ahead of their wedding. With just under three weeks to go to their April 20 29 ceremony, the couple made a visit to northwest England on Monday to support local youth charities.

First on their itinerary in Blackburn, England, this morning was a stop at the Darwen Aldridge Community Academy. There, the Associated Press reported, William spoke about a “prince’s award” for SkillForce, an educational charity that he supports. Crowds turned out early to see the royal couple.

They couple planned to visit Witton Country Park this afternoon, where William was to observe soccer practice and Kate was to start a race. The visit has ties to William’s interest in protecting outdoor recreational spaces.

In recent months, the couple have visited Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland together as Kate has been eased into public life and a sense of what her duties will be like as a member of the royal family.

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