A new GOP ad, called “The Breakup,’’ may be the perfect illustration of why women voters favor President Obama over Mitt Romney.

In it, a woman (played by Bettina Inclan, the RNC’s director of Hispanic outreach) complains to her unseen boyfriend, who is seated across the table in a fancy restaurant.

“Listen, this just isn’t working,’’ she whines. “It’s been four years. You’ve changed: Your spending is out of control, you’re constantly on the golf course, and you’re always out with Hollywood celebrities. You think I didn’t see you with Sarah Jessica Parker and George Clooney?’’ she asks, brushing her hair off her face. “Your jobs council says you haven’t even showed up in six months.”

“You’re just not the person I thought you were. It’s not me; it’s you,’’ she says, rising and revealing her dining partner to be...a cardboard cutout of the president. “I think we should just be friends.”

Presenting women voters as complainers is a strategy, but not a winning one.

Suggesting that what women are angling for is less golf and maybe an emerald-cut diamond and some roses is telling, but not in a good way.

And the racial subtext of the ad — the woman is Hispanic, unlike the presidential spouse who wowed the crowd here on Tuesday — does have echoes of the horrendous “Call me” ad used against Tennessee’s former Rep. Harold Ford in his 2006 senatorial campaign.

Democrats should hope every woman in America sees this thing and watches our stand-in throw her linen napkin down, presumably leaving Obama to pick up the bill.