Lindsay Lohan and Kenan Thompson on NBC’s ‘Saturday Night Live.’ (NBC/DANA EDELSON/NBC)

(Lorne Michaels, SNL’s executive producer, also produced her movie ‘Mean Girls’ and is the head of ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,’ where Lohan appeared earlier in the week to promote her SNL appearance.)

Although a little out of shape performance-wise, she seemed game during Saturday’s opening monologue and appeared agreeably in various skits.

In a review of her SNL act, however, the New York Post was brutal about Lohan’s chances to “kick-start her comeback after struggles with alcohol, the law and various parked cars.”  

The scandal sheet trashed both Lohan’s visage and her presentation, declaring that “whatever acting talent she once had seemed to vanish as she lackadaisically stumbled through her lines, even though she was obviously reading them off of cue cards.”

Reporter Cynthia Fagen wrote Lohan’s face looks “used and abused,” and in true ‘Mean Girl,’ spirit, even asked a plastic surgeon to critique it.

Based on a photograph, the doctor told Fagen the troubled star has “vertical lines of the upper lip, … typical of a heavy smoker” and added she “looks like a dead fish. It doesn’t look appetizing at all.”

I’d lost interest in the poor girl’s saga several years ago, when pictures of her not wearing underwear kept showing up at the checkout line.  After reading the New York Post, though, I’m back on her side.

The enormously gifted and charismatic adolescent was not well managed by the adults in her young life and as her agents, directors, co-stars and (questionably functional) parents enjoyed the fruits of her talent — including far too many film and photo assignments that involved nudity.

At a still-young age, she devolved into a hard drinking, drug abusing clubgirl bent on tabloid headlined misadventures.

The overexposed young woman spent several years spiraling in and out of rehab, court and jail for out of control public behavior that included allegations of hit-and-run car accidents, parole violations, shoplifting and other law-breaking. In December, she posed for Playboy.

However much she is to blame for her own bad choices, the people who were in position to guide her did a spectacularly poor job of it.