House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.). (Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg News)

Maybe not, but that's what Nancy Pelosi did when she took her "Drive for 25" campaign to Fallon's show Friday night and made her case to Fallon and his young audience that Democrats need to control the House of Representatives again.

After Fallon played her onto the stage with "Leader of the Pack" and took the liberty of calling the House Democratic leader "Nancy," she sat down to chat about her 25th anniversary in Congress, Joe Jonas (whom she called Joe Jonah), and 2 Chainz, the rapper who was also on the show.

But Pelosi also talked business, blaming to House Republicans for gumming up the works in Washington and bringing progress to a halt on important legislation.

Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan. (Aaron P. Bernstein/Reuters)

The talk turned to Medicare when Fallon asked about Mitt Romney’s choice of Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) for the vice presidential spot on the Republican ticket.

"Paul Ryan has been the author of the budget to kill Medicare . . . the embrace of the death of Medicare is something that is surprising," Pelosi said.  But she also had some positive things to say about the veep hopeful.

"He's a nice person," she said of Ryan, adding, "I don't really know him well because I've never been to the gym."

When it came time to play Fallon's “one word" game, when guests give one word to describe something, Pelosi gamely played along, relentlessly on message, but giving herself two words for every answer.

Paul Ryan?  "Medicare-killer."  Mitt Romney:  "Which one?"  And finally, Barack Obama?  Without hesitating, Pelosi finished:  "Two-term."