Sigourney Weaver as Elaine Barrish in “Political Animals.” (USA Network/DAVID GIESBRECHT/USA NETWORK)

This show may be the Revenge of Hillaryland and a rallying cry for 2016, but even as poli sci-fi, I’m not sure I can handle a Clintonesque former president who looks this much like a dissolute Al Gore.

And midday sex with the ex at some no-tell motel not far from the State Department, with just one agent to protect her? Puh-leeze.

On the other hand, it’s hard not to howl at the shirtless Russian Putin-oid, first seen grabbing her backside in public. “The next time you touch me I will rip off your tiny...and serve them in cold borscht soup,” she warns him, never mind that borscht soup is as redundant as gazpacho soup.

Later, when she makes him produce Iran’s UN ambassador during a hostage crisis, he replies “I am doing it not because you threaten’’ but because she has plenty of what she’d threatened to rip right off him.

All that was missing in the debut show were for those “majestic fearsome” elephants Hillary’s character is obsessed with to have been in rut like all the humans. Do we really think the former philanderer-in-chief’s latest girlfriend would moan “Oooh yes, Mr. President” while in flagrante? Probably. Now pass the Cheetos.