Anna Holmes pleaded with Hillary Clinton in 2008 not to tiptoe around issues of feminism, writing in the New York Times that she should make a speech comparable to then-candidate Barack Obama’s speech about race.

All indications are that a 2016 Clinton candidacy would be less timid about embracing her gender. But would she go-full bore on shattering the glass ceiling she finally admitted to cracking in 2008 as she conceded defeat?

“What people really respond to … is real authenticity.” Holmes, founder of the Web site and editor of the recently released “The Book of Jezebel: An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Lady Things,” told On Background’s Nia-Malika on Monday.

In 2008, Holmes thought Clinton was restrained from embracing feminism by wary handlers. “When Hillary has felt more able to be herself, you’ve seen her popularity and the fascination with her increase exponentially,” she said.

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