Clearly nobody at Fox News did their homework when they ran with a report asking if Hillary Clinton’s age would be a detriment to her candidacy if she decides to run for president in 2016.

John McCain was 72 when he led the Republican presidential ticket in 2008. And conservative icon Ronald Reagan was just over two weeks away from celebrating his 70th birthday when he moved into the Oval Office.

Or, maybe, as Comedy Central comedian Stephen Colbert suggested in a segment on his Wednesday show, the difference is that Clinton is a woman.

After playing a video clip in which Fox News’ Howard Kurtz states, “If Hillary Clinton is the Democratic candidate for president, she’ll turn 69 just before the election,” Colbert quipped: “She’s going to be almost as old as Ronald Reagan was! But remember, those were man years. Men age gracefully, like Robert Redford or a nice leather wallet.”

Well played, Mr. Colbert.