Barbara Bush is just divine. A straight shooter,  a great interview, and sort of an anti-First Lady.  Here, she talks about her literacy program on “Fox & Friends,” as well as the possibility of a Clinton vs. Bush, Round II in 2016.  This comes as there has been some speculation that Bush’s son Jeb is thinking about a 2016 White House run, which could pit him against Hillary Rodham Clinton. And Jeb’s son George P. Bush just won won a primary race for Texas Land Commissioner. The best case against another Bush or Clinton in the White House remains the dynasty issue, or as Barbara Bush puts it in only the way she can, and in the way she has repeatedly: “It just seems to me ridiculous, in a country this size, that we didn’t have other families.”

Jeb Bush must be used to this argument from his mother.

He responded with this in January: