With women voters among the most sought-after demographic in the upcoming midterm elections, conservatives have been working to attract more of them to their ranks and reverse the “war on women” narrative that Democrats used against them so effectively during 2012 election cycle.

In the midst of this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference, a number of prominent conservative women had a range of opinions on the validity of the “war on women” charge, as well as who might be the first female politician within their ranks to ascend to the top of the Republican presidential ticket.

Is there really a 'war on women'? We ask women at the Conservative Political Action Conference their thoughts on that and 2016. (Pamela Kirkland/The Washington Post)

Although there were few women among the keynote speakers at this year’s CPAC, American Conservative Union President Al Cardenas and Carly Fiorina, the chairman of the American Conservative Union Foundation, pushed back against the criticism that the conference was overly dominated by white males.

“The chairman of the conservative union is a Hispanic, the chairman of the American Conservative Union Foundation is a female who has a stand alone role, as does Sarah Palin, as do many others,” Cardenas said. “There are at least seven women on our board alone, who are hosting and moderating panels, and there are a number of women who are participating on each of these panels.”

Most of the female keynote speakers, including Fiorina, Palin and Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) are scheduled to speak Saturday, the final day of the three-day event.

Fiorina said despite several scheduling conflicts with potential female speakers, event organizers still successfully showcased many strong Republican women.

“We are very proud of the women in this movement, we highlight the women in this movement,” she said. “If you look around this hall and look at the number of women of all ages who are here, and I think the only thing you can conclude is that this is a very heterogeneous, both, set of speakers and panelists as well as participants, and we are very proud of that. “