SInger Jennifer Lopez's pumps sparkled at the "American Idol XIII 2014 Finale" in Los Angeles on Wednesday. (Reuters/Danny Moloshok) SInger Jennifer Lopez’s pumps sparkled at the “American Idol XIII 2014 Finale” in Los Angeles on Wednesday. (Reuters/Danny Moloshok)

Our colleague Jonnelle Marte writes for Wonkblog:

On Wednesday I wrote about how women are way behind men in putting money away for retirement. Even though women are equally likely to contribute some amount to an individual retirement account, they lag in overall savings. A study from the Employee Benefit Research Institute showed that women make smaller contributions, on average, when compared to men, but researchers couldn’t fully explain why.

Many readers commenting on the article on Twitter agreed with one of the possible explanations I posed in the article — that women may have a harder time making equally large contributions because they still make a lot less money, on average, than men do.

But some readers offered up another culprit for why women are trailing behind men in retirement savings that surprised me a little: shoes.

Is it true? Read the full article on Wonkblog.

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