Hillary Clinton has had much to say of late about foreign policy, drawing a great deal of coverage for an interview in which she pointed out her differences with President Obama on how he has handled crises around the world.

Analysts suggest that she is signaling to a general election electorate where she disagrees with the currently unpopular Obama on issues important to them, should she decide to run for president in 2016.

Closer to home, however, Clinton has yet to say anything about the events in Ferguson, Mo., which has exploded into protests – both peaceful and violent – since the weekend shooting of Michael Brown, an unarmed 18-year-old African American.

But Elizabeth Warren, the woman being pushed by progressives as an alternative to Clinton, has:

And on the GOP side, Rand Paul, often touted as a potential Republican candidate in 2016, wrote an op-ed published Thursday by Time magazine in which he

the police response to mostly black protesters in Ferguson.  The  forceful essay in Time weighed in with this lengthy response to what can be rightfully called a domestic crisis, touching on longstanding, simmering issues of race and the use of deadly force by police.

Clinton’s silence has not gone unnoticed on Twitter:

She The People sought comment from Clinton on the events in Ferguson, but has not received a reply. We will update this post when we do.