How is your knee after missing a couple of matches?

“It’s good now. It’s my third full day of training. It’s just a little frustrating throughout this season. I feel like I was getting into a rhythm and form and I have a little setback, whether that’s a muscle injury or my knee now. Of course, it’s probably expected after such a long layoff, but it’s tough to deal with when it happens.”

Is it wear and tear or related to your rehabilitation last year?

“I have no idea, to tell you the truth. I just woke up the next day after the [New England] game and my knee started to swell. I had some pain. It’s one of those random things, I guess. It was a good thing I rested — just ice and rest, and now it’s starting to feel better.”

Your thoughts on the U.S. coaching change.....

“I think it’s exciting. For all the players, I think everyone is excited. [Juergen] Klinsmann, for me, is a legend and a world-class striker. What better coach to have than a guy that plays your position and can really help and make sure everyone excels in that position. It’s a little bit of a bittersweet moment because coach [Bob] Bradley did so much for me. He gave me the chance to be on the national team and I would’ve liked to get one game under him since the accident. We had so much of a history together, it would’ve been nice, but I think he’ll be fine. He’s obviously going to move on and continue to coach. He eats, sleeps and breathes soccer, so I don’t see him staying too long out of the game.”

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What goes into managing a national team for a new coach?

“With Coach Klinsmann, he is probably going to bring in a whole lot of different faces, give everyone a chance to show what they can do. He’s got [three] years now before the big stage, so I think he’s going to try to find out what’s the best formation, which players he thinks will be ready for that World Cup. Maybe some youth players won’t be in the best position to play right now, but maybe he sees they’ll be ready for that World Cup after a couple of years of experience. I’m sure for him it’s a lot of fun getting to experience a new position and getting to meet and see so many different players.”

Does the coaching move change your mind-set in terms of what you want to prove for D.C. United and in the eyes of a new national team coach?

“No, same old thing. I’m very anxious to impress, that’s for sure. As far as my goals, I think it’s the same: I still have to perform on the field here and wait for my chance.”

How have you see Dwayne De Rosario fit into the attack, especially after his two goals Saturday?

“He is what we needed to take that next step. We went from an okay, young team when we’re on and a team to challenge, but with him in the lineup, it’s turned into a team that, if we are on the same step, we have a chance to go all the way.”