At the sentencing for the driver responsible for the accident that killed a passenger and severely injured D.C. United’s Charlie Davies, attorney Jon Pels read the following statement on behalf of the forward:

“I am Charlie Davies and I was a passenger in the rear seat of the vehicle involved in the accident in this matter. Thank you for the opportunity to deliver a statement. Before addressing how the accident has impacted me physically and emotionally, please allow me to pay my heartfelt condolences to Ashley J. Roberta, her loved ones, friends and family. Nothing I have gone through can begin to compare to the tragic loss of life. I continue my prayers and thoughts as a sincere gesture of support and sympathy.”

“As for my physical condition as a result of the accident, I sustained severe life threatening injuries including a ruptured bladder; nasofrontal and orbital bone fractures (this is the socket of the skull in which the eye is situated); left rib fractures; and a right thalamic bleed (which means a mass of nerve cells centrally located in the brain); a right femur, tibia (or shinbone), and fibula fracture; a left forearm fracture with dislocation.”

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“With severe injuries and in critical condition, I underwent emergency surgery to repair my bladder, and Neurosurgeons were consulted for the thalamic bleed. Ultimately, orthopedic surgeons performed multiple procedures on me for my tibia (or shinbone); my left elbow and my facial fractures. Recovery has been painful and continues to this day although I am told it has been nothing short of miraculous and I am back on the soccer field.”

“A day before the accident I was living my dream -- proudly playing for the United States on our World Cup team as we had just clinched a Cup berth the Saturday before the accident in Honduras where I was able to provide an assist for a goal to help our team win. Our team was in Washington DC for another pre-World Cup game against Costa Rica at RFK Stadium. Due to the injuries I was unable to continue playing for the World Cup which destroyed at least for the time being my dream of helping the U.S. win a title. There have been many other ways in which this has impacted my life in ways other than the obvious physical injuries I have briefly described and the failure of me to realize my dream of representing our country at the World Cup.”

“I was asked by the U.S. Attorney to make a statement about how the accident impacted my life and I have briefly done that in this statement thus far. I want to make clear again however that my injuries no matter how severe pale in comparison to the death of Ashley J. Roberta. I cannot fathom what her parents go through on a daily basis and in some sense I have been able to focus on my recovery as an escape. My heart goes out to her family and in every instance in this case when I have been asked by my attorneys what my thoughts are on certain issues related to the accident, I have always deferred to those of the parents of Ms. Roberta. Again, my thoughts and prayers go out to her family and I will defer to them and the U.S. Attorney’s office as it respects the issues relating to the sentencing hearing.”