David Beckham should have been thanking an MLS referee last Saturday for not getting sent off for a harsh tackle against D.C. United. On Wednesday at Toronto FC, the Los Angeles Galaxy midfielder was booked for the fifth time in just six matches, resulting in an automatic one-game suspension (Sunday at Chicago).

Late in the 0-0 draw, teammate Juninho was dismissed for a second yellow. Afterward, Beckham expressed his frustration with the league’s officiating.

According to Toronto FC’s interview transcript, Beckham said: “To be honest, over the last few games, I’ve spoke too much about referees. They are becoming the stars of the MLS and that’s obvious not what teams want. You want the players to be playing out there; you want it to be fair. I just don’t think the consistency is there. I think there are bad calls and we’ve had the majority of bad calls over the last few games. It’s ruining games, it’s ruining our preparation for games. I’ll probably get in trouble, but it’s gone on too long now. We want that consistency to be there and we want to keep our playeres on the field.”

Asked to comment on the officiating, Galaxy Coach Bruce Arena said: “It is what it always is. It’s not going to change.”

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