Read my match report from the 1-1 draw between D.C. United and the Los Angeles Galaxy on Saturday night at RFK Stadium. Colorful quotes about the controversial penalty included.

Watch the video highlights.

For bonus quotes from Davies, Beckham and Olsen, visit the continuation of this thread. But first, vote in our poll about the penalty:

After his cheeky penalty, Charlie Davies hurdled a signboard, leapt onto the platform supporting a VW, tried to enter the vehicle, then did a funky dance. Fun stuff. Better than Josh Wolff’s topless celebration in the crowd during the season opener?

“I was definitely trying to get in the car – it was locked. On Friday after training I was able to run over there and see if the car was open, and it was, so I planned for the team to get in the car. As soon as I got over there I saw it was locked, but it was worth it.”

David Beckham’s reaction to the draw: “Disappointed, disgusted. I felt we deserved the game. There’s no reason why we shouldn’t be walking away from this stadium tonight with three points.”

Beckham is fortunate he wasn’t walking away with a red card in the first half for his brutal tackle from behind on Wolff.

United Coach Ben Olsen, on the overall performance: “We weren’t as sharp as we needed to be tonight, I thought the energy was there but we just weren’t a good enough soccer team. We need to become a better passing team.”

When did Olsen learn that Perry Kitchen wouldn’t be available because of the flu?

“My day was ruined around one o’clock. I also found out around that time that Landon [Donovan] wasn’t coming, so it was about a wash.” [laughter]

Quaranta’s red card means he won’t be available for next Saturday’s match at Toronto. Andy Najar is the likely replacement in the starting lineup.