My match report includes scoring details, quotes and a Charlie Davies update.

D.C. United’s man of the match? I’ll go with rookie Perry Kitchen, who made his first appearance at defensive midfield. Said Coach Ben Olsen: “Perry has a personality; he is a hard-nosed kid, doesn’t fear much. I ask him to play in several different positions and he doesn’t blink, he comes in and does his job. I think anywhere I’ve put him so far he’s done a good job. Where we go from here, we’ll see.”

Always funny to hear Europeans complain about the “heat” in the States this time of year. “The weather was not in our favor because we’re not used to playing in those circumstances,” Ajax Coach Frank De Boer said of a match that began in sunny and 76-degree conditions. Mosey on back into town in August, Frank, and then we’ll talk.

Olsen, on playing in midseason friendlies when he was a player: “I always loved them. I always had illusions of grandeur, though, that [the opponent] was going to pick me, buy me for seven million dollars.”

For a video diary of Ajax’s visit to Washington, click here.

Video of Blake Brettschneider’s goal: