View Photo Gallery: In Friday’s Euro 2012 quarterfinals match, Germany, the euro zone’s economic stronghold, will play Greece, the troubled nation that has already required two bailouts.

Greece and Germany meet Friday in a hotly anticipated Euro 2012 quarterfinal (2:45, ESPN).

The Post’s Howard Schneider checks in from Athens, where the locals are hoping for a win to salvage their badly damaged pride after years of economic distress. Greece has taken on loans and other help from Germany, which has delivered the aid with a number of strings attached, including wage cuts and government budget cuts. Those requirements, along with lectures from Germany on the benefits of thrift, have rubbed the Greek people the wrong way, to say the least.

“We are taking this personally,” one Athens resident told Schneider.

Meanwhile, the Associated Press takes a look at the scene in Gdansk, Poland, where Friday’s match is taking place.

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And who can forget this classic Greece-Germany match from the 1970s.