Juventus, the Italian Serie A champion, has canceled a North American preseason tour that was to include a July 28 friendly against D.C. United at RFK Stadium.

The European titan cited scheduling issues.

In a written statement, United said: “While we’re disappointed with the news, D.C. United is already in discussions with another major European team to fill that date and will share opponent and ticketing details as a deal is finalized.”

Juventus had signed a contract with MLS’s marketing arm, Soccer United Marketing, to also play Paris Saint-Germain in Montreal and Real Madrid in Las Vegas.

The D.C. game was troublesome from the start. Initially, United and Juventus were going to meet as part of a doubleheader at FedEx Field along with an AC Milan-Chlesea game. Logistical problems, however, prompted alternative plans. Juventus and United agreed to play at RFK and Milan and Chelsea moved to Miami.

Meantime, another major friendly was already scheduled in the region for July 28: Liverpool vs. Tottenham Hotspur in Baltimore. That match will take place at 1 p.m., while an RFK game would take place in the early evening.