For those who love soccer and AMC’s “Mad Men,” your worlds collided Sunday night in an otherwise racy episode. With the fifth season set in 1966, the writers worked the World Cup into a storyline involving Lane Pryce, the English financial officer at the ad agency.

The setting is the Manhattan apartment where Lane and his wife Rebecca reside. They are to attend a gathering with fellow ex-pats to watch the final between England and West Germany.

Rebecca: You’re not ready at all!

Lane: We have time. The first half of a football match is just flirting.

Rebecca: Well, I’d like to get there, have a nice seat, enjoy the chit-chat.

Lane: If it’s a matter of you and I having a nice lunch, perhaps a ride in the boats in the park.

Rebecca: You don’t even know what’s good for you. Spending an afternoon in the park with our friends?

Lane: One, they’re your friends, and recent ones at that. Two, I have no fond memories of hours spending out watching football. Three…..

Rebecca: You love football!

Lane: No, that’s my father. And I hate this business of bringing England over in pieces. It’s strictly for the homesick.

Rebecca: But [the pub] is for immigrants like us.

Lane: (sighing) How lovely your face becomes when you tell me you need something.

Rebecca: I’d be happy if you’d just pretend to have a good time.

Lane: Then pretend, I shall.

Later, the scene moves to a British pub in NYC. In the background, a black-and-white TV is showing the end of the match at Wembley. Pub patrons in English garb, including Lane, celebrate by singing “God Save the Queen.”

Well after the match has ended, the Lanes join Edwin Baker, a Jaguar executive, and his wife for dinner at a quiet table.

Mrs. Baker, directing her comments at the men: Now I want both of you to make a pledge that this is the end of football for some time.

Edwin: We beat the bloody Jerries for the World Cup, darling! That is the end of football.

Cut to the agency’s conference room, where the partners are gathered for a meeting.

Lane: Excuse me, gentlemen, if I may, I have a bit of new business.

Pete: Taking leave again?

Lane: Not at all. I don’t know if you are aware, but England won the World Cup!

Roger: Cup of what?

(Roger, played by John Slattery, gets all the best lines. Slattery also directed this episode.)