Greetings from Lake BMO on the banks of Lake Ontario. Actually, the pitch appears in decent shape, given the circumstances: Heavy rain pelted the area all day, with howling wind and temps in the 40s (dipping into the 30s tonight). The Whitecaps belong to Vancouver, but the whitecaps are rising on Lake Ontario. Fortunately, the skies have cleared a bit and, after being shrouded in cloud, the top half of CN Tower is visible from the west-side seats — one of soccer’s great vantage points.

This is my first trip to Toronto since MLS Cup in November, when the weather was also a factor. Shoutouts to Tim Horton’s, Triumph on the radio and curling on TV.

In an effort to save the boss some major bucks, I took the long route north: drive from Virginia to Baltimore, fly to Buffalo, drive to Toronto. At the border crossing, I had some unexpected explaining to do.

Her: What’s the purpose of your trip?

Me: Soccer game.

Her: Who’s playing?

Me: Toronto and D.C. Big game. The TFC locker room is open to the media again! (Okay, I left that last part out.)

Her: Why didn’t you just fly to Toronto?

Me: Too expensive this time.

Her: Do you often travel long distances for soccer?

Me: Yes, of course!

Her: Enjoy the game.

Read my Charlie Davies/DCU piece and Post fan blogger Jeff Maurer’s light-hearted preview.

Kickoff: 7 p.m. ET.

TV: Fox Soccer Channel.

Back later with DCU’s lineup and subs.

DCU LINEUP: Hamid; Korb, Jakovic, White, Burch; Fred, Simms, McCarty, Pontius; Wolff, Davies. Subs: Onstad, Kitchen, Woolard, Boskovic, Barklage, Ngwenya, Brettschneider.

Najar is out with an illness.

Your pregame, in-game and postgame thoughts are warmly welcome in our comments section.