Among the players available in the upcoming MLS re-entry drafts:

Houston defender Bobby Boswell

D.C. United midfielder Clyde Simms

New England defender Ryan Cochrane

San Jose defender Bobby Convey

Vancouver goalkeeper Joe Cannon

The full list is available here. The selection order is here.

Additional details.....

Clubs have until Friday to re-sign their re-entry players. Those eligible for re-entry have until Friday to withdraw from the process.

Don’t expect many selections in the first stage next Monday. Last year only two players were selected: Joseph Ngwenya by D.C. United and Aaron Hohlbein by the Columbus Crew. Ngwenya failed to score all season and Hohlbein ended up in the second-tier NASL.

The obstacle in the first stage is money: If an option year remains on a player’s contract, the club must agree to exercise it. If the player is out of contract, a new deal must at least equal the terms of the previous pact. (DCU agreed to pay Ngwenya $156,000 — a poor decision.)

The second stage (Dec. 12) provides greater financial flexibility: Clubs have one week to negotiate a new contract. Last year 11 players were selected, including Josh Wolff (DCU), Juan Pablo Angel (Galaxy), Jimmy Conrad (Chivas USA), Ryan Cochrane (New England) and Tyrone Marshall (Colorado).

Players not selected in either phase are free to negotiate with any club. Realistically, many will have a hard time remaining in the league.

The 2011 salaries are available here.