It was that kind of night for Joe Willis and D.C. United. (Ezra Shaw/GETTY IMAGES)

I’ll try to give my usual, unvarnished opinions during this match, but you should know: the San Jose Earthquakes have a very active PR department. In fact, it was a comment I made during a national team match (I made a Guns ‘N Roses analogy in which I called Chris Wondolowski “the Buckethead of international soccer”) that indirectly led to the “the opinions in this column are those of Jeff Maurer, not Steve Goff” disclaimer that precedes every column. The benefit of a blog is that I — unlike a journalist — can be opinionated. On the other hand, I’ll try to be fair to San Jose’s players. Although it’s not going to be easy when Steven Lenhart looks like Will Ferrell had a baby with a Portuguese water dog.

This is a midweek match, so United’s depth should be an advantage, right? Maybe, but Ben is running out basically the same eleven who have been getting the results: Willis | Woolard, McDonald, Kitchen, Russell | DeLeon, Saragosa, Cruz, De Rosario | Pontius, Santos. It looks like Kitchen will play in the center and Russell on the right, as I suggested in my last column (and I get 100 percent of the credit for that opinion). Obviously, Ben reads my work.

Here’s kickoff from San Jose’s itty-bitty Buck Shaw stadium (it’s not just the stadium, it’s the field that’s itty-bitty)..

Get a room, Steven Lenhart and Chris Wondolowski! (Ezra Shaw/GETTY IMAGES)


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