*It has been an extraordinary summer in Jamaica: 50th anniversary of independence from Britain, Usain Bolt and 12 Olympic medals in London. Now the spotlight turns to the Reggae Boyz. I spent the day exploring Kingston (my fourth visit since 1997) and filed this scene piece.

*A beIN Sport spokesman says Phil Schoen, Marcelo Balboa and former Jamaica player Robbie Earle will call Friday’s World Cup qualifier from a Miami studio. What happened to Ray Hudson?

If you have DirecTV or DISH Network, you will be able to watch, starting at 8 p.m. ET. The spokesman said the DirecTV feed will be available in high definition. Comcast has begun adding beIN Sport to its cable menu, but according to this report, not everyone will have access to Friday’s match.

*Weather outlook Friday: High of 89, low of 79, light wind, 20 percent chance of rain, 69 percent humidity during the day, 80 percent at night.

*A ground-level view from National Stadium: velodrome, track, pitch.

*Travel shoutouts: Bolt’s Tracks & Records for lunch, Bin 26 wine bar for dinner and I-Scream for dessert.

*I asked Dane Richards why National Stadium is a special place to play.

“It’s The Office. Anybody in their office must be special in their work environment. Nobody can come into your house and take your TV when you are watching it. This is our home and our office.”

*The U.S. team, which opened camp in Miami on Sunday, will arrive in Kingston on Thursday morning and train at the stadium late in the day.

*Jamaican organizers issued the following advisory:

“The Police are advising supporters who will be attending the World Cup Football Qualifier between Jamaica and the United States that no firearms, knives, drugs, ice picks, machetes, glass bottles or any other items that can be used to cause serious harm or injury, will be allowed inside the venues.”

No ice picks? Nanny state.