Ten years ago tomorrow, Apple opened its first retail store — in the Tysons Corner Mall. It was bright. It was spacious. It was interactive. The furniture was made from wood and it was beautiful.

It was, as Apple historians put it, the turning point for a company now worth $313 billion. More than 300 stores have followed, nearly a billion people have walked through, and lines outside stretch for blocks for seemingly every new product the company offers.

Almost everyone knows someone who has stood in line, and almost everyone in line has at some point asked themselves, “Why am I standing in this line?” And yet the lines still form.

Apple being Apple — that is, famously tight-lipped — it’s not clear whether bands will pay bugles outside the Tysons Corner store tomorrow, but rumors are swirling that the company is planning a major new product or service this weekend, in honor of the anniversary.

It got us thinking: What was your first Apple product? What is your favorite thing to do in an Apple store? Or have you never jumped on the Apple bandwagon, sticking with Windows even through all the Vista drama?

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