Powder Mill, Goldfrapp, Gucci Mane: Critic’s notebook

Notable recordings from the world of pop music.

Powder Mill

Country band Powder Mill. (Courtesy of the artist)

Country band Powder Mill. (Courtesy of the artist)

It’s a rough America out there, but good luck finding anyone playing Southern rock music more fraught than this. The Missouri foursome’s ferocious new album, “Land of the Free,” depicts red state desperation in hi-def technicolor — a place where blue-collar survivors are free to dream, free to worship early Skynyrd, free to hate the cops, free to hate themselves. Few country-rock songbooks are this brutally honest. And fewer are this flat-out brutal.


Bass! It’s not always a question of, “How low can you go?” Sometimes it’s, “How far back can you remember it?” To wit, this New York producer’s smudgey house tracks deliver low-end frequencies so primal and womblike, they reaffirm the fact that auditory perception is something we experience before we’re even born. They’ll also make you want to dance.

Terekke performs at Flash, 645 Florida Ave. NW, on Wednesday.

Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane’s troubles seem never ending. Last week, the Atlanta rap star embarked on a earth-scorching, enemy-goosing Twitter tirade. Over the weekend, he was arrested for what felt like umpteen-zillionth time.

Yet, his music remains as omnipresent as his problems. He’s released (at least) nine mixtapes this year and his latest, “Diary of A Trap God,” features enough psychedelic trash-talk to make basking in his babble still feel like time well spent. Speculating on what’s going on inside his skull is another matter entirely.

Warning: This song contains explicit lyrics.
“Realest Ever Lived”


Before there was Lady Gaga, there was Alison Goldfrapp, singer of the British duo that bears her surname, owner of countless outlandish frocks and a pop maverick with sharp instincts for high-gloss hooks. Is Gaga still listening? Was she ever? Goldfrapp’s airy sixth album, “Tales of Us,” is subtle, contemplative and quietly confident in ways we could only dream some future-Gaga album might one day be.

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