Rose Windows, Matic808: Critic’s Notebook

Notable recordings from the world of pop music.

Rose Windows

This Seattle folk-rock septet arrives in flowing garb and tangles of hair, but the songs on its debut album, “The Sun Dogs,” aren’t all peace and love. There’s a righteously equalizing dose of doom and gloom, much of which comes ripping from bandleader Chris Chevey’s guitar in the form of Black Sabbath-inspired riffage.

But the person actually holding the scales in balance is Rabia Qazi, a poised singer who – like Minnie Ripperton fronting the great psych-soul band Rotary Connection decades before her – smartly positions herself in the exact center of her band’s mercurial wanderings.


Sonically, Kanye West’s risky, riotous new album”Yeezus” is defined by violent sounds that puncture nasty holes in negative space. With “Yeezus: Baltimore Club Edition,” producer Matic808 has scrambled to spackle up all of those empty spaces, remixing “Yeezus” into a chattering, dizzying, unrelenting maniac dance mix that stays true to the original album’s ominous mood.

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