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Designer John Varvatos ran the anchor leg of the New York Fashion Week: Men's and helped make its debut season a success.

All but the most stubbornly Dockers-addicted men can find something to like in fashion these days.

Menswear is banishing the red, white and blue and changing the look of "Americana."

New York Fashion Week: Men's debuted as a fully formed extravaganza. But how are the clothes?

A new exhibition, "The Rise of Sneaker Culture" examines how sneakers have allowed men to flourish as peacocks, show their status and emphasize their masculinity.

But Trump maintains that he wanted his brand out of the stores anyway.

There is no other American woman of a stature to fill her place in the Seventh Avenue triumvirate of Ralph, Calvin and Donna.

The fashion monster has, for the moment, been wrestled into submission, and Clinton stands victorious.

"I was never concerned with dressing up and looking fabulous. . . I wanted to find a way to make it interesting to me,"

The designer has built an empire by eschewing trend and coolness -- including the new red-carpet nudity.

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