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The Washington Post

The timing is notable, given the highly-critical Scientology documentary that just aired on HBO a few weeks ago.

Dickerson's mother, Nancy, was the first female correspondent for CBS News .

An overwhelming number told the Hollywood Reporter he is their "dream interview."

A regulatory group sided with Comcast, recommending that DirecTV modify those infamous commercials.

Bill O'Reilly said liberal forces are trying to discredit him and hurt his career.

The "Girls" actress spoke out for the first time about her family's very public scandal.

Lots of people on Twitter were questioning if the ad was real. And it was very real.

The CNN anchor caught major criticism after telling Joan Tarshis she could have stopped her sexual assault.

The 77-year-old comedian wouldn't say a word when asked about the sexual assault accusations making headlines around the world.

A small paper in Seattle reached out to see if she would be interested in a freelance gig.

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